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Meet Lex Russo. Your favourite playful sweetheart, filled with spice. A petite, luxurious, confidant with an inviting smile that immediately sets you at ease. Bookish tendencies, a penchant for hedonism and spirituality. Always a lady on the town eternally charming, stylish, and effervescent. An empathetic and compassionate listener who is open in nature. Friendly and relatable with a positive attitude, I am a lover of life and easy to talk to. My undergraduate education, extensive travels and bookish tendencies leave me pursuing good conversation, laughs and adventure. Entrepreneurial in spirit, I dream to one day start my own business. I am a firm believer that the fountain of youth is exposure to new experiences and stimuli. Time blurs once the days become mundane and repetitive, and when everything is the same, nothing is worth remembering. So come, let me be your accomplice. Lets whisk away from the ordinary. Whether it be simply unwinding or going on an a adventure. Whatever your heart desires, lets awaken your senses. My time is limited, so if you are truly a respectful gentlement, lets establish a connection.


  • Name: 16477995048
  • Age: 25
  • Phone: 16477995048


  • Phone: 164-779-95048


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