Published: 2018-09-06

Efficiency Enhancement of a Dual-axis Solar PV Panel Tracker Using Water-Flow Double Glazing Technique

Farag Mahel Mohammed, Jamal Abdul-Kareem Mohammed, Rasha Ali Nouri

32- 47

Bioremediation of Soil Contaminated with Diesel using Biopile system

Noor Mohsen Jabbar, Estabriq Hasan Kadhim, Alaa Kareem Mohammed

48- 56

Study the Dissociation Enthalpies for R134a Clathrate Hydrate in Binary and Ternary Systems

Riyadh S. AL Mukhtar, Shurooq T. AL Hemeri, Lina W. Mahmood

57- 67

Experimental Study on Doweled Expansion Joints on Behavior for Plain Concrete Pavement System

Zainab Ahmed Al-kaissi, Mohammed Hashim Mohammed, Nabaa Sattar Kareem

68- 80

Effect of Carburization Parameters on Hardness of Carburized Steel Using MOORA Approach

Abbas Khammas Hussein, Laith Kais Abbas, Asraa Kareem Hameed

92- 99