Published: 2016-12-31

Using Smart Control System to Enhancement the Split Air Conditioning System Performance

Farag Mahel Mohammed, Jamal Abdul-Kareem Mohammed, Mustafa Abdul-Sattar Jabbar

36- 49

Effect of Magnesium Addition on Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum -17%Silicon Alloy

Muna Khethier Abbass, Khairia Salman Hassan, Kayser Aziz Ameen

50- 58

Experimental and Numerical Study of Collector Geometry Effect on Solar Chimney Performance

Aseel K. Shyaa, Rafea A. H. Albaldawi, Maryam Muayad Abbood

59- 71

Conversion of Lignocellulosic Material Into Fermentable Sugars

Asem Hassan Mohammed, Frank Behrendt Behrendt, Frank Jürgen Methner

141- 153