Published: 2016-06-30

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Synthesized Doped Nanoferrite

Fadhil A. Chyad, Mohammed S. Hamza, Zainab I. Dhary

10- 17

Thermal Behaviour of Paraffin Wax/Poly Vinyl Alcohol Composite Material

Aseel Basim ALubaidi, Falak O. Abas, Raghad A. Abass, Nazar J. Abdulredhi

18- 26

Large Eddy Simulation in Duct Flow

Jalal M. Jalil, Ihab Omar Abbas

27- 33

Design and Simulation of L1-Adaptive Controller for Position Control of DC Servomotor

Mohammed Ali S. Mohammed, Amjad J. Humaidi, Ammar A. Al jodah

100- 114